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How to Play Checkers Game - 👫 2 player game or 🤖 Checkers against computer - Play 100% FREE classic Checkers online PLUS Klondike Solitaire,  Spider Solitaire, Free Cell Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Tripeaks Solitaire, 2048Backgammon, BubbleShooterChess, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mahjong, Reversi, Sudoku and more.

About Checkers / How To Play Checkers
Checkers is a very simple and fun classic 2 player game. Checkers is known as 'Draughts' in England. It it believed that the modern version of Checkers was developed around the start of the 12th century when a Frenchman came up with the idea of playing checkers on a chess board. At that time, the game was called Fierges or Ferses. ... For many people, Checkers is the first game they learn how to play. plays according to American Checkers / English Draughts rules.

If you were born prior to the smartphone revolution, you’ve probably spent some time playing this classic 2 player game! is a 100% free game that will let you play the epic board game anywhere you want, giving you that competitive quick fix you are looking for, or play to relax while with yor family and friends. Checkers is also a great game to share with children due to the simple rules, quick game play, and short game duration.

We hope you enjoy playing this game. We are continually improving it and adding enhancements so that it works quickly and without errors on all devices.

What is used for play:
Checkers board: Checkers is played on a 64 square board (8x8 grid), the same as a chess game. However, only the 32 dark colored squares are used in checkers. Each player starts with 12 discs (checkers), of the same color, (crown design face down, if applicable) and places the checkers pieces on the dark squares closest to him or her. Each of the 2 players should have the closest 3 rows of dark squares filled with his or her checkers at the beginning of play. 

Object of the game is to capture all of your opponent’s checkers or position your pieces so that your opponent has no available moves. Each player takes his or her turn to move a Draught or checker piece diagonally to an open space or is required to take a move if it involves capturing the opponent's checker by jumping over opponent piece.

Genres: Board game, Abstract strategy game, Mind sport

Skill(s) developed from play: Strategy, tactics, logical thinking

Players: 1 - against computer AI, or 2-player

Suitable for: Ages 5+

How to Play Checkers / Checkers Rules:
General: Checkers is a 2 player game, whether it is played as a) checkers against computer, or b) 2 players, each taking turns. Players decide who goes first however they so choose.  This could be through the flip of a checker or other means.

Moving checkers:
Checkers pieces are only moved diagonally to other dark squares, moving one space forward toward opponent.  Checkers may not be moved backwards towards oneself until a checker piece becomes a King (see below).  If a jump of an opponent's checker is available, ther player is required to take the jump and seize the opponent's checker piece(s).

Jumping checkers:
You may only jump an opponent's checkers piece if the landing square from the jump is empty.  A player's standard checker piece may only jump forward over an opponent's checker piece. Once an opponent's checker piece is jumped, it is considered captured and removed from the board.

Multiple jumps:
During the same player's turn and using the same checker piece, if after the first jump, another jump is available to capture a second checker piece of the opponent, that jump must also be taken (as well as if there is a third or more jumps available). Basically, if a jump is available, it must be taken by the player.

If at the beginning of a player's turn, he or she has multiple checkers pieces that may make a jump, the player may choose which checker piece to use that turn. A player is not required to choose the checkers piece that has the most jumps available to it on that turn.

King / Crowning:
When your checker piece reaches your opponent's last row, it is crowned and becomes a King (and ends the player's turn). Crowning is often conveyed either by stacking one of your captured checkers on top of the checkers piece or if available, flipping over your checkers piece so that the crown design is face up.

The primary benefit of crowning is that the king can move and jump both forward and backward. The king piece must follow the same jumping rules as described above.

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Checkers / Draughts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What are the rules to Checkers?
Answer: Each player begins the game with 12 pieces, or checkers, placed in the three rows closest to him or her. The object of the game is to capture all of your opponent's checkers or position your pieces so that your opponent has no available moves. Basic movement is to move a checker one space diagonally forward. Once your piece reaches the last row closest to your opponent, it is 'Kinged'. A King piece may move diagonally both forwards and backwards, whereas a Checker piece may only move forward diagonally.

Question: Do you have to take the kill in Checkers?
Answer: If you start or land on a square where you can kill your opponent's piece by jumping it, you must jump that piece. As a result, one turn can kill many pieces. It is required to jump over pieces whenever you can, however, if at the beginning of your turn you have multiple pieces that can make jumps to kill opponent pieces, it is up to the player to decide which move to make. 

Question: Do you have to take the capture in Checkers?
Answer: If you start or land on a square where you can kill your opponent's piece by jumping it, you must jump that piece. As a result, one turn can kill many pieces. It is required to jump over pieces whenever you can, however, if at the beginning of your turn you have multiple pieces that can make jumps to kill opponent pieces, it is up to the player to decide which move to make. 

Question: Is playing checkers good for your brain?
 Checkers, like many other games that challenge a user to think, analyze, and/or plan, has been shown to improve brain function. The level of brain function improvement is reduced, however, if the game is played the same way continuously. Like anything done repetitively, brain stimulation is reduced over time. It is therefore recommended that players should continuously try new strategies, play a variety of card and board games, and play games with high replayability due to variation. In addition to checkers, chess, solitaire, mahjong, and jigsaw puzzles are incredibly good at stimulating brain function.

Question: How do you win checkers every time?
Answer: While winning 'ever' time is unlikely, the following tips with improve your chances of winning:

- Focus on crowning more pieces than your opponent.
- Keep your back row in place until you need to move those checkers.
- Advance pieces in close groups and in tandem.
- Trade checkers when you're ahead.
- Control the center of the board.

Question: Can you jump yourself in checkers?
Answer: In international checkers, you can never jump over your own pieces. Checkers and Kings jump differently. Jumping with a regular checker can capture an opponent's checker or King by jumping over it. A checker can only jump forward diagonally, whereas a King may jump both foward and backward diagonally.

Question: How do you set up checkers?
Answer: Place the board so that each player has a light colored square on the corner of the board on his or her right side. Each player places his or her pieces on the 12 dark squares in the first three rows closest to him or her. Each of these three rows should have a total of 4 checkers.

Question: Can you attack backwards in Checkers?
Answer: Yes and No. All pieces in the beginning are checkers. Both, checkers and kings, may only move diagonally on the board one square at a time (unless making a capture move). Checkers my only move forward whereas Kings move forward and backward.

Question: What happens when you get crowned in Checkers?
Answer: When a player's piece reaches the last row of an opponent, it is Kinged and the player's turn is over. If a player's piece jumps into this row (called the King's Row), the current move also terminates. A piece cannot continue to move during the same turn it becomes Kinged.

Question: Is there an advantage to going first in checkers?
Answer: Moving first in Checkers has a minor benefit. As play progresses, avoiding moves that result in more than one capture of your pieces has the greatest impact on winning.

Question: Can a Checker jump backwards?
Answer: A checker can move forward but never backward towards its home space. Only a King may do so. A checker MAY NOT combine a move and jumps on the same turn. It may either move one space, or make one or more jumps.

Question: Who goes first in checkers?
Answer: Checkers pieces are often colored dark and light or red and white. Traditionally, the dark / red piece has the first move. 

Question: How many kings can you have in Checkers?
Answer: With American checkers on an 8x8 board, it is possible to achieve 24 kings (12 per player) on the board from the initial position. 

Question: When can you jump backwards in Checkers?
Answer: Only a 'King” may move diagonally backward. A player is allowed to jump as many of the opponent's checkers on the same move if there are open squares diagonally behind each checker. When there is a jump available, the opponent must jump, even if it will result in the player losing his or her checker or King to the opponent on the next move.

Question: How do you win checkers rules?
Answer: A player wins by either capturing all of the other player's pieces or putting them into a position where they cannot move. A player can also win if the other player resigns or forfeits the game as a result of a violation of the rules. A game is declared a draw when neither player can force a win.

Question: How does the queen move in checkers?
Answer: After a checker becomes a 'King' it can move diagonally forward or backward. Move your checker one space diagonally, to an open adjacent square; or jump one or more checkers diagonally to an open square adjacent to the checker you jumped. There is no 'queen' piece in Checkers.

Question: Is there a Triple King in Checkers?
Answer: Yes! If a piece crosses the board, becomes a King, and then crosses the board back to its original side, it becomes a triple king and gains the ability to jump friendly pieces to travel faster.

Question: Can you jump your own man in Checkers?
Answer: A regular checker can capture an opponent's checker or King by jumping over it. A checker can jump on a forward or backward diagonal. The opponent's piece must be on an adjacent diagonal square, and your checker must land in the empty square just beyond the opponent's piece. A player may NOT use a checker to jump another of his or her own pieces, nor may a King piece jump another of its own pieces. A Triple King may do so.

Question: Can Kings in checkers double jump?
Answer: If after making a capture, a piece is in a position to make another capture (either along the same diagonal or a different one) it must do so as part of the same turn. Capturing two opposing pieces in a turn is called a double jump, capturing three pieces in a turn is a triple jump, etc.

Question: What happens if you can't move in checkers?
Answer: If a player cannot move because he or she has no pieces or because all of his or her pieces are blocked, the player loses the game. A player may also resign or players can agree to a draw.

Question: Can you jump twice in Checkers?
Answer: Checkers Rules: Yes. A piece making a capturing move (a jump) over one of the opponent's pieces, landing in a straight diagonal line on the other side. Only one piece may be captured in a single jump, however, multiple jumps are allowed during a single turn, capturing multiple pieces.

Question: What is the point of checkers?
Answer: The goal of checkers is to either capture all of the opponent's pieces or to blockade the opponent's pieces. If neither player can accomplish the above, the players may call the game a draw.

Question: Can you jump backwards in checkers without a king?
Answer: A checker piece can move forwards diagonally but never backward toward its home space. Only a King may do so. In addition, a checker MAY NOT combine a move and a jump on the same turn. It may either move one space, or make one or more jumps.

Question: Did chess or checkers come first?
Answer: It is believed that the modern version of Checkers was developed around the start of the 12th century when a Frenchman came up with the idea of playing checkers on a chess board. At that time, the game was called Fierges or Ferses. Chess is believed to have created roughly 3,000 yrs ago. 

Question: How many spaces does a checkerboard have?
Answer: 64. Most commonly, it consists of 64 squares in a 8×8 grid of alternating dark and light colors. The colors are typically green and buff for official tournaments, black and red for consumer commercial, or black and white in printed diagrams. An 8×8 checkerboard can used to play many other games, including chess, whereby it is then called a chessboard.

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